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Nevada City

Nevada City

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Action (1941) 58 minutes ~ Black & White

Stagecoach drivers Jeff Connors (Rogers) and Gabby Chapman (Hayes) try to get their fueding stagecoach owner boss Hank Liddell to combine business with competing railroad owner Mark Benton. Lidden refuses and fires Jeff and Gabby for their efforts. However, when a gang of outlaws begin sabotaging the stage coach line and the railroad, Liddell and Benton are forced to grudgingly put aside their differences and work together. Jeff and Gabby investigate the identities of Black Bart's gang members, and try to stop their next raid. Jeff even finds time to romance pretty lady Jo Morrison.

Director: Joseph Kane

Writer: James R. Webb (original screenplay)

Stars: Roy Rogers, George 'Gabby' Hayes and Sally Payne


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