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My 18th Birthday

My 18th Birthday

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Adult (2006) 56 minutes ~ Color

When these girls turn 18, they're just so sweet...and dirty! Follow us as Girls Gone Wild crashes birthday parties to find the hottest sexiest teens around, in My 18th Birthday! You'll see Ashlee from Texas: she's bashful at first, but finally pulls down her new GGW boy shorts to show off what's below! Wait until you see what not-so-innocent Page has planned. She's already dreaming of sex...on a bus! Follow Jamie, dripping wet from her pool as she flashes her sexy 34Bs and gets down doggy style! You'll also find a rowdy threesome that celebrates their birthdays by smearing a huge cake all over each other! And don't miss Kelly and Amanda's amazing demonstration of their favorite position - doggy style! Check out birthday girl Brittany after she gets her present - The Rabbit. Finally, see two horny near-naked high school seniors, Tara and friend Chelsea on her 18th birthday, as we actually talk like - to her mom! They're just 18 and way out of control in Girls Gone Wild: My 18th Birthday... it's raw, all real and completely uncensored!