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Muse: Manic Depression

Muse: Manic Depression

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Documentary/Music (2005) 63 minutes ~ Color

Muse are arguably the finest group of the crop of British guitar bands to have emerged in the last decade. Like Radiohead and Coldplay before them, their exceptional music has made them a success not just in the UK, but globally. Their operatic music, catchy lyrics, and Matthew's aching vocals are unsurpassed, and have propelled them from small gigs to headlining major festivals. They strive to make beautiful records that touch, move, and enrich their listeners, which has enabled them to become a sensation with no limit to what they can achieve. This is the story of Muse. It follows their journey from small town Devon to playing festivals and arenas around the globe. It reveals what influenced them and shaped them to become one of the biggest rock acts in the world.

Muse: Manic Depression is an unauthorized documentary and was created without the participation or consent of the bandmembers; no music by the group appears in this video.

Stars: Muse


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