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Horror (2009) 80 minutes ~ Color

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Mickey O'Hara is a television producer on the skids whose career was virtuallydestroyed when his attempt to discover the legendary backwoods demon Muckman was exposed as a pathetic fraud on live television. Using his in with sexy trash TV personality Asia Buchanan (Anju McIntyre) as leverage he persuades
small time cable mogul Otto Van Sant to give him one last chance to redeem himself. Claiming a secret source in the backwoods of Pennsylvania, Mickey and Asia, along with technical crew Jerome “Curly” Baker, Drew Simmons, production manager Pauline Stark and able assistant Billie Mulligan set off to find and exploit
the Muckie Mystery. They’re met in the middle of nowhere by Cletus Hobbs, Mickey’s secret source, who leads them to the cabin which will be their home base for the production. After a disastrous first night Cletus meets them in the morning accompanied by his cretinous cousins Horace and Elmer, who take the gang to their “Muckman Mooseum” on the edge of a nearby swamp. Various Muckman
artifacts, including a Muckman skull under glass, are on display. More convincing is the unearthly howl the crew hears outside the museum. Giving chase, the gang sees a hirsute figure fleeing through the woods (leaving behind the unbearable stench characteristic of Muckman), capturing a glimpse of the creature on tape. That night they get an even better look at the monster when it attacks their cabin, and the following evening when the crew attempts to document the capture of the creature in a trap set by Cletus and his boys all hell breaks loose. The creature appears big as life. Chaos ensues, there is blood and dismemberment, but all is not as it seems. Cletus and his gang have their own agenda, as do Mickey and Asia, and even Billie knows more than she lets on. In the end there are more things
loose in the woods than anyone suspects, and the swamps unleash a few secrets
as well.

Director: Brett Piper

Writers: Brett Piper, Mark Polonia

Stars: Anju McIntyre, Alison Whitney, Danielle Donahue, Stee Diasparra, Ken Vansant, Bob Dennis, Ian Piper, Jared Warren

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