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Moonlight Sword And Jade Lion

Moonlight Sword And Jade Lion

Ref: 870

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Action (1977) 94 minutes ~ Color

Original Title: Yin xiao yu jian cui yu shi

She promised her teacher she would find his brother. Stop her at your own peril! The trailblazing “Lady Kung Fu” – Mao Yin (aka Angela Mao) – stars in this sword-clanging, fist-flying tale of a heroic quest set in China generations ago. Highlights includes Mao Yin’s astonishingly acrobatic dispatching of a threatening gang and a table-flinging, gravity-defying melee in a rural dumpling house. Wow!

Director: Karl Liao

Writer: Ren Chung

Stars: Shu Lin Chang, Ming Chiang and Bo Lin Chu



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