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Mob War

Mob War

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Action (1989) 96 minutes ~ Color

When the New York City police disrupt a big cocaine deal, the TV news reporters find John Falcone, a local mobster, nearby. They ask some tough questions, and Falcone decides he needs a public relations man to help polish his image. He hires Todd Barrett, and he keeps Barrett in line with generous helpings of cocaine. Meanwhile, Falcone's unorthodox, violent, and sadistic methods get him cross-wise with Don Ricci, the boss. A mob war may break out. When Todd's wife is endangered, can the flack attack back at the racketeers?

Director: J. Christian Ingvordsen

Writers: J. Christian Ingvordsen, John Weiner

Stars: Jake LaMotta, Johnny Stumper, David Henry Keller, John Rano


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