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Malibu Spring Break

Malibu Spring Break

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Comedy (2005) 81 minutes ~ Color

Malibu Spring Break is a full length comedy about 2 girls who throw a party at their uncle's house. College cuties Michelle (Charity Rahmer) and Brianne (Kristin Novak) have driven out to Malibu to take a literal spring break from the sweltering Arizona heat. Their plan is simple, to shack up at their uncle's swinging beach house, and throw a week long party. But when they show up and he forbids them from any kind of shenanigans, Michelle and Brianne begin to wonder if their half-baked expedition is really going to pan out. The girls go through with it, setting out on a mission to throw the biggest bash the world has ever seen. Playboy playmate Pilar M. Lastra also stars as the sexy housekeeper in this care-free romp through fun.

Director: Kevin Lewis

Writer: Kevin Lewis

Stars: Charity Rahmer, Kristin Novak and Pilar M. Lastra


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