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Making Something Up

Making Something Up

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Comedy (2002) 93 minutes ~ Color

“Best Feature” winner at the Hope and Dreams Film Festival and “Best Romance” at NYIFVF (Las Vegas), MAKING SOMETHING UP is a “feel good” romantic Comedy about children’s book writer Jack Payne (Paul Kinney), the most anal retentive man in the world, and his struggles with professional success, personal significance, and his over-demanding book editor/fiancé Amanda Keyes (Elisabeth Nunziato). Comlpications arise when Jack unexpectedly falls for Jennifer(Rachel Songer), an unemployed single mom running from a relationship gone bad, and in a hilarious scene he and his friends (Paul Robins, Phil Cowan and Eric Jay Decetis)attempt to help her by “making up” her funeral.

Director: Paul Kinney

Writer: Paul Kinney

Stars: Bennie Alder, Bobby Bonebrake, Phil Cowan



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