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Magic Cellar - Vol. 4

Magic Cellar - Vol. 4

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Animation / Family (2009) 60 minutes ~ Color

A television series based on African folktales.

Magic Cellar is the first animated series based on African culture. The series marks the first time Africa's children will see themselves reflected in an animated series. The series celebrates Africa's culture and traditions, while promoting reading as exciting and adventurous. The stories are based on African folktales, partially collected from interviews conducted with elders in villages across South Africa. Each episode is broken up into three sections: a brief introduction and set-up; the African story; and a wrap-up with the lessens learnt. Each episode is a self-contained, animated short.

Director: Firdaus Kharas

Writer: Firdaus Kharas, Motshabi Tyelele, Krijay Govender


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