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Lucky Terror

Lucky Terror

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Western (1936) 61 minutes ~ Black & White

Arguably the best of Hoot Gibson's six Westerns for producer Walter Futter's Diversion Pictures, Lucky Terror once again presents the veteran star as a carefree drifter falsely accused of murder. This time, the victim is Jim Thornton, a thief whose pockets are filled with gold. Arrested by the rotund sheriff, Lucky is defended in court by none other than Charles King, the veteran Bad Guy here playing an alcoholic shyster. King judicial advise to Lucky is to simply flee, which is exactly what our hero does. In the end, Thornton's death is declared an accident and Lucky catches the villains who had been terrorizing Lona Andre's Bonanza gold-mine.

Director: Alan James

Writers: Alan James (screenplay), Roger Allman (screenplay)

Stars: Hoot Gibson, Charles Hill, Lona Andre


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