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Lost WWII Cartoons

Lost WWII Cartoons

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Animation Total: 8 minutes

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Private Snafu

Animation / Short / Comedy (1943) 4 minutes (USA) ~ Black & White

Private Snafu has a secret: his ship leaves for Africa at 4:30. He's determined to keep it, but bit by bit it slips out, and eventually, the details end up right on Hitler's desk and the ship is attacked.

Stars: Mel Blanc

The Return of Mr. Hook

Animation / Short / Comedy (1945) 4 minutes ~ Black & White

Seaman Hook has big plans for after the war, mostly involving rushing home and marrying his sweetie. So do his fellow seaman, but theirs involve buying bonds.

Director: Robert McKimson

Writer: Hank Ketcham (characters)

Stars: Mel Blanc, Arthur Lake and Tedd Pierce



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