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Let's Sell Your Script

Let's Sell Your Script

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Instructional (2010) 96 minutes ~ Color

Ken Rotcop holds weekly screenwriter's workshops in L.A. and the San Fernando Valley area for beginning and intermediate screenwriters, taking the writer from idea to completed screenplay. He also provides script consultation for working professional writers.

Ken says, "I challenge all those who take out ads in magazines and newspapers and charge good money for critiquing scripts, claiming to be an expert in guiding new writers when they've merely hung a shingle out that says they're a script consultant. I challenge them - how many of them have been a creative head of four studios? How many of them have won the Writers Guild Award for their writing? How many of them have won the Neil Simon Award? How many have won an Image Award for producing? How many of them have been featured on OPRAH, NPR, THE WALLSTREET JOURNAL, and have had a feature documentary made about their workshop?”;Probably not many. But Ken Rotcop can make these claims as a veteran of the movie business for 38 years and still actively involved. And in this DVD, you’ll find the wealth of knowledge that thousands of writers, both novice and professional, have heard bits and pieces of. Now, in one place, watch over an hour of answers to the 20 most asked questions of Ken from his workshops, seminars, and private consultations. NEW! More than 30 minutes of live seminar content added! Ken's "Let's Sell Your Script" Master Series DVD!

Director: Daniel Klein

Stars: Ken Rotcop


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