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Lengthening and Broadening: A Yoga Method

Lengthening and Broadening: A Yoga Method

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Instructional (2007) 153 minutes ~ Color

Finally, here is a yoga practice that lets you be yourself. In this video, the husband-and-wife owners of Barefoot Studio in Little Rock, Arkansas, teach you a method of asana practice that truly transcends any particular "style" of hatha yoga. Matthew Krepps digs deep and explains how the core concepts of lengthening and broadening help you experience the wholeness of your body, and thereby the wholeness of life, in any pose you take, in any studio, anywhere in the world.

No matter what style of hatha yoga you practice, no matter what your experience level, this video has something for you. It serves to keep beginners within the limitations of their individual bodies, while reminding more advanced students of the core activities consistent with all postures the human body assumes.

Director: Phillip Walter

Writer: Matthew Krepps

Stars: Matthew Krepps and Holly Krepps

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