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Left For Shadows

Left For Shadows

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Thriller (2005) 100 minutes ~ Color

The life of Michael Haines is shattered on the night of his wife's murder. Consumed by guilt and a lust for revenge, he and his brother-in-law decide to track down the killer and seek their own justice. The road he must walk is one paved with pain, addiction, and self-loathing; leading to a destination where Michael sees just how much more he has to lose.

The taut and emotional Drama goes into the very heart of grief, forcing the audience to see how the loss of one life can lead to the complete destruction of another. The film's climax will leave you breathless, heart-broken, and as undeniably changed as the main character.

Director: Brian Kotowski

Writer: Brian Kotowski

Stars: Kelly Cross, Geno Giordan, Robert Walters


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