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Lee's Offering

Lee's Offering

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Thriller (2005) 100 minutes ~ Color

After finishing school, ingénue Lee (Amy Bucknam) prepares for a fresh start with an exciting new job. However before she can begin her new life, fate intervenes sending her reeling backwards into her childhood after a chance encounter with her troubled older sister Charlie (Sandy Kellerman). The two sisters renew their long abandoned relationship while Charlie attempts to move forward from her past as a "guinea pig" for Nick, a local drug dealer. Tragically Charlie dies during her last "drug test," pushing Lee to seek the truth about Charlie from Nick. Lee is forever altered after immersing herself in the seedy underworld of drugs in search of the truth about Charlie and her Family history.

Director: Nick Marciano

Writer: Nick Marciano

Stars: Amy Bucknam, David A. Usher, Sandy Kellerman


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