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Learning Curve

Learning Curve

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Thriller (2002) 107 minutes ~ Color

Substitute teacher Walmsley is overwhelmed by politically correct policies and arrogant students at the Texas high school where he attempts to teach. What the doddering school officials, desperate for a teacher, don't realize is they've called Walmsley as he's recovering from a psychotic episode -- he's drugged and drooling when he takes the call. When rebellious Davey attempts to rape naïve art teacher Louise and then sues her -- only to have Louise beaten to a pulp in a school hallway by Davey's jealous girlfriend -- Walmsley has had enough: He kidnaps six of the worst students and encages them in an abandoned big game cage formerly used by a circus. The floors and bars are electrified, and if the kids don't learn their lessons, or if they continue to be rude and unruly, Walmsley gives them a shock. Graduation does not seem imminent

Director: Andy Anderson

Writer: Andy Anderson

Stars: John S. Davies, Marsha Dietlein, Gail Cronauer


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