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Lay That Rifle Down

Lay That Rifle Down

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Comedy (1955) 71 minutes ~ Black & White

In this musical comedy, a young woman endures the drudgery of working as a charwoman in her aunt's hotel. She is not paid much for her hard work. To make her drab existence a little more exciting, she enrolls in a correspondence charm course, which unbeknownst to her is a scam. Soon the swindlers show up and plan to use her to help them con her aunt and a bank president out of their money. When one of the con men sees the good hearted girl working with the orphans on her family farm, he has a sudden change of heart. Her life takes a sudden turn for the better when oil is discovered under her farm. Suddenly the drab little drudgess finds herself living like a duchess.

Director: Charles Lamont

Writer: Barry Shipman

Stars: Judy Canova, Robert Lowery, Jil Jarmyn


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