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Laurel & Hardy Double Feature (Utopia -  Mud & Sand)

Laurel & Hardy Double Feature (Utopia - Mud & Sand)

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Comedy (1951 / 1922) 140 minutes ~ Black & White

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Comedy (1951) 100 minutes

Heading for a newly inherited island, the boys are shipwrecked and marooned on an atoll which has just emerged from the sea. Along with their cook, a stowaway and a girl who is fleeing her fiancé, they set up their own government on the atoll. Uranium is discovered and world powers begin fighting over ownership of the island.

Director: Léo Joannon

Stars: Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Suzy Delair, Max Elloy, Suzet Maïs

"Mud And Sand"

Comedy / Short (1922) 40 minutes ~ <Actinic:Variable Name = 'Silent'/>

Rhubarb Vaselino lives in a small village, when he and his friend, Sapo, enter a bullfighting contest. Sapo dies, but Rhubarb kills three bulls and becomes a local hero earning money. Two years later, he is living in Madrid as a national hero, when he becomes involved with Filet de Sol, and his lover finds out he must fight the most deadliest bull in Spain, in the last bull fight of the season.

Director: Gilbert Pratt

Stars: Stan Laurel


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