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Laughing Boy

Laughing Boy

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Comedy (2000) 83 minutes ~ Color

Cody MacKenzie and his wife Judy have been invited to a very special party – and he’d better behave himself if he knows what’s good for him. Judy thinks that going is a great career move for Cody, but he is only going to rub elbows (or anything else he can) with his dream girl…his beautiful boss Elizabeth Sheridan.

Join Cody in this hilarious, award-winning Comedy as he attempts to wreck the party with his sledgehammer wit, aiming it at everything from sex and childbirth to televangelism. If he’s not careful, he might just learn something about love and friendship. See for yourself why audiences and independent film fans everywhere are cheering for Laughing Boy!

Director: Brazil J. Gridaffi

Writers: George Douglas Lee (play and screenplay), Joe Grisaffi (screenplay)

Stars: Brazil J. Gridaffi, Anne Quackenbush, Michael Gray


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