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Late Bloomer - (2010)

Late Bloomer - (2010)

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Comedy / Drama (2010) 70 minutes ~ Color

Sean is bored. He spends his summer going to a small, local college, shoveling sawdust for cash, bidding one of his best friends farewell for the military. As Sean wastes away, his is best friend, Gavin, decides they should create a video game to salvage and somewhat better their lives. Though Sean doubts Gavin's work ethic, he concedes. Meanwhile, another local friend, Lucas, has been missing ever since he met Christina. When he comes back into the fray, he and Christina seem to be ending their relationship. However, Christina begins getting hots for a new man...Sean. Between friend betrayal, Sean's "smooth" dating technique, and a lame-duck video game, the story of these friends goes from laughable to an all-out riot of loserdom.

Director: Steven Farmer

Writer: Steven Farmer

Stars: Samson Burch, Matthew Farmer, Steven Farmer, Jacob Hollis


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