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L.A. Street Fighters

L.A. Street Fighters

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Action (1985) 88 minutes ~ Color

Original Title: Los Angeles Streetfighter

Gangbangs, turf wars, and drive-bys are an everyday part of life on the roughest streets of South Central L.A. But Young (Jun Chong), the leader of Korean gang, has had enough and wants out of his prison of corruption, violence, and urban warfare. But before be can escape the chaos, Young has some major obstacles to overcome including a war for territory, the disintegration of a Family, and a violent confrontation with a powerful gang of drug-runners leading to a deadly face-off with the cartel’s most vile hit man Krueger (Bill Wallace). But Young has no choice but to face these obstacles head-on if he hopes to make it out of L.A. alive – because on these city streets, it’s kill or be killed.

Director: Richard W. Park

Writers: Ji-woon Hong (screenplay and story) and Jaime Mendoza-Nava (screenplay and story)

Stars: Jun Chong, Phillip Rhee, James Lew, Rosanna King, Bill Wallace, Toma Gjokai, Mark Hicks


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