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Kung Fu Kids Break Away

Kung Fu Kids Break Away

Ref: 1928

Price: $4.98 / 3.59


Action (1980) 90 Minutes ~ Color

Original Title: San mao liu lang ji

After his father dies in a war and his master is shot to death, San Mao, a wandering orphan, is in search of the mother he never knew. Before his master's death, San Mao was taught various styles of acrobatic kung fu and uses these skills to perform his talents on the street for money. While arriving to a new town, he encounters a smart-mouthed little beggar named Qu Pu Li. When Qu Pu Li and San Mao meet, they don't exactly see eye to eye, but after an encounter with a brutal man named Ironhead and some local thugs, San Mao and Qu Pu Li decide to put aside their differences and fight to take Ironhead down.

Director: Kan Ping Yu

Writer: Kan Ping Yu (screenplay)

Stars: Au Dai, Cheung Hoi Fan, Eddy Ko, Wang Ye Leung



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