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Kung Fu Arts

Kung Fu Arts

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Martial Arts / Action (1980) 88 minutes ~ Color

Original Title: Hou fu ma

Alternate Title: Kung Fu: Monkey, Horse, Tiger

The princess's fiancé, King Chi, learns that the emperor's right hand man, Pai Yeh Hu, is plotting an assassination. He attempts to stop it, but ends up accused of the attempted regicide. Worse, he throws a poisoned dart meant for Pai Yeh Hu, but it hits the princess instead. For days she is near death. The emperor decrees that anyone who can save her will win her hand in marriage. King Chi, unable to bring the antidote himself, sends his monkey to do the job. But after the monkey saves the princess's life, the emperor is honor-bound to keep his promise. He marries his daughter to the monkey and then sends them both adrift in a boat, which takes them to a deserted island. Ten years later, the princess has a son. The two are alone on an island with "Uncle Monkey." But the boy's father, King Chi, is hiding on a mountain, improving his kung fu skills in order to exact his revenge.

Directors: Lee Shi Chieh and Lee Geo Shu

Stars: Carter Wong, Sing Chen, Ling Huang, Pan Jui King


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