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Klondike Quest For Gold EPI 3 & 4

Klondike Quest For Gold EPI 3 & 4

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Documentary (2003) 94 minutes ~ Color

Klondike: Quest for Gold is a living history documentary series that follows the adventures of four men and one woman who set out to experience the route traveled by tens of thousands of would-be prospectors during the Klondike Gold Rush, completing the arduous journey in the same conditions and with the same equipment as would have been common in 1897. It is a revealing and entertaining series about five people who ignore modern conveniences to relive one of the harshest hikes in history.

In Episode 3 the team arrives at the town site of Bennett and assemble the knockdown canoe they carried over the trail and start their trip up the Yukon River.

In Episode 4 the team manages to get back on course and continues down the Yukon River. Despite food storages, they arrive in Dawson and enjoy their first bath in over 2 months.

Director: Don Young

Writers: Don Young and Jamie Brown

Stars: Dan McLean, Andria Bellon, Joe Bishop


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