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Klondike Quest For Gold EPI 1 & 2

Klondike Quest For Gold EPI 1 & 2

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Documentary (2003) 94 minutes ~ Color

Klondike: Quest for Gold is a living history documentary series that follows the adventures of four men and one woman who set out to experience the route traveled by tens of thousands of would-be prospectors during the Klondike Gold Rush, completing the arduous journey in the same conditions and with the same equipment as would have been common in 1897. It is a revealing and entertaining series about five people who ignore modern conveniences to relive one of the harshest hikes in history.

In Episode one " The Company of Adventures" we meet the pioneers who have agreed to undertake the 1200 kilometer quest to the Hudson Bay. We follow the crew in their initial week of the journey as they come face-to-face with the hardships of life in 1840.

In Episode 2 "The Lake" the arduous task of rowing the York boat to the Hudson Bay begins under a searing, hot summer sun. The crew makes a number of bad decisions which jeopardize the quest, but they finally arrive at the Cree community of Norway House at the top of Lake Winnipeg.

Director: Don Young

Writers: Don Young and Jamie Brown

Stars: Dan McLean, Andria Bellon, Joe Bishop


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