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Action / Drama / Bollywood (2010) 123 minutes ~ Color

Indian superstar Hrithic Roshan stars as J, a Las Vegas hustler engaged to the daughter of the city's most powerful and dangerous casino owner. But all bets are off when he falls in love with the ravishing Natasha (Barbara Mori), an illegal immigrant engaged to J's jealous and violent future brother-in-law. When their illicit romance is discovered, J and Natasha flee for the border with the police and relentless hired killers on their trail. Pulse-pounding action and sensational musical numbers propel this passionate love story to its stunning conclusion.

Director: Anurag Basu

Writer: Anurag Basu and Robin Bhatt

Stars: Hrithik Roshan, Steven Michael Quezada and Bárbara Mori


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