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King Solomons Treasure

King Solomon’s Treasure

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Action (1977) 87 minutes ~ Color

Legendary Adventurer, Allan Quatermain, leads an expedition into the mysterious depths of Africa, in search of the vast treasure of King Solomon. The team of explorers must escape blood-thirsty natives, erupting volcanoes, and prehistoric monsters, in their quest to reach a fabled lost city, that has been hidden in the uncharted wilderness for thousands of years. When they reach their goal, an even greater danger greets them in the form of a beautiful Queen Nyleptha.

Sexy Swedish ‘Bond’ girl, Britt Ekland, and a strong cast of well-known British actors, power this exciting epic inspired by two of H. Rider Haggard’s classic Adventure novels, King Solomon’s Mines, and She

Director: Alan Rakoff

Stars: Britt Ekland, David McCallum, Patrick Macnee, John Colicos, Wilfirs Hyde-White



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