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Short Film / Documentary (1936) 30 minutes ~ Black & White

Original Title: Kagamijishi

Alternate Title: The Lion Dance

Ozu's only documentary was commissioned by the Japan Cultural Association to promote indigenous culture abroad. Kagamijishi is a lion dance in kabuki, about a court dancer who becomes possessed by a lion mask, and transforms from coy young maid to a fierce being with flowing mane. Shot in two parts, the dancing scenes were filmed in June 1935 using synch sound by the Tsuchihashi system. The silent, second part, shot in May 1936, takes place in the dressing room and shows the celebrated leading man Onoe Kikugoro IV reciting a poem. At the preview, guests commented on the unnatural expressions of the dancer and the authorities decided to withdraw the film.

Director: Yasujirô Ozu

Writer: Kenji Shuzui (idea)

Stars: Kikugoro Onoe, Kinjirou Onoe and Shigeru Onoe


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