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Just Before Dawn

Just Before Dawn

Ref: 1825

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Horror / Thriller (1981) 90 minutes ~ Color

Five youths set out for weekend camping excursion to drink, frolic and look into a piece of isolate land one of them has inherited. Despite ominous warnings from various locals about Demons in the wilderness, they trek farther into the foliage.

Beautifully shot, extreme eerie, featuring acclaimed actor George Kennedy, and the most demented murderer since Jason Voorhees! Prepare yourself for a horrifying tale that will make you wonder… will any of them survive those dark hours Just Before Dawn?

Director: Jeff Lieberman

Writers: Mark Arywitz (screenplay), Jeff Lieberman (screenplay) and Jonas Middleton (story)

Stars: George Kennedy, Mike Kellin, Chris Lemmon, Gregg Henry



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