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Jimmy Zip

Jimmy Zip

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Action (2000) 112 minutes ~ Color

Urban, coming of age action/drama. Jimmy Zip is an abused runaway with pyromaniac tendencies. He heads for the city, works for a drug dealer/pimp named Rick One night Jimmy goes on a fireworks rampage, almost blowing up Horace, a brilliant sculptor. The two bond, and Jimmy now has a mentor who manages to channel his destructive energies for the first time, bt Jimmy owes his old boss a lot of money for a delivery and soon enough he is tracked down. With the help of a streetwise prostitute, who was also abused by Rick, this motley duo must find a way to sell their art before they all get killed.

Director: Robert McGinley

Writer: Robert McGinley

Stars: Adrienne Frantz, Brendan Fletcher, Robert Gosset


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