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Jhootha hi Sahi

Jhootha hi Sahi

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Comedy / Drama / Bollywood (2010) 160 minutes ~ Color

What if you had a secret hotline to the heart of the girl you love? If you could read her deepest thoughts, know her every emotion and manipulate her every choice.
And all you had to do was lie a little; well, not that little. The kind of lie that, if she knew, would break her heart. What would you do? Would you give up your secret? Would you hang up the hotline? Or would you lie? Lie for love?

Sid's 'agony aunt' duty lands him in the love with Mishka, his dream-girl whom he had never met. He spins yarns and yarns of lies to built an image of a perfect boy. But a charming hilarious ride begins when he has to unviel his reality to the girl he loves.

Director: Abbas Tyrewala

Writer: Pakhi

Stars: John Abraham, Pakhi Tyrewala and Raghu Ram


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