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Jesse James' Woman

Jesse James' Woman

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Western / Action (1954) 83 minutes ~ Color

Jesse James (Don Barry), leaves Missouri for Mississippi, and immediately charms all the women. His first conquest is the banker's daughter, who helps him loot the bank in exchange for a promise of marriage. He wanders over to the saloon, and runs the crooked partner of the proprietress out of town, takes all of his-and-her money and leaves her, between kisses, hounding him for her share. The third one, the saloon singer, actually makes a mark out of him, as she cons him into a boxing match against a professional fighter, and he loses the fight and his money; but he holds, the singer and the fighter, up as they leave town and gets his money back. Then he romances and swindles Cattle Kate, a replay of what he had done, somewhere before, to Kate. Kate even ends up behind bars.

Director: Don 'Red' Barry

Writers: D.D. Beauchamp (story and screenplay), Don 'Red' Barry (screenplay), Lloyd Royal (screenplay), T.V. Garraway (screenplay) and William R. Cox (screenplay)

Stars: Don 'Red' Barry, Peggie Castle, Jack Buetel, Lita Baron, Michael Carr


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