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Jane White is Sick and Twisted

Jane White is Sick and Twisted

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Comedy / Drama (2002) 84 minutes ~ Color

Destined for cult status, this outrageous TV culture satire follows tube-obsessed teen Jane (Kim Little) as she sets out on a quest to Chicago and the tabloid talk show host (David L. Lander) she's convinced is her long-lost father. Filled with spoofs and references to dozens of programs, the film features a supporting cast that includes Wil Wheaton as Jane's would-be boyfriend, Alley Mills as her oblivious mother, plus Dustin Diamond, Maureen McCormick and Colin Mochrie.

Director: David Michael Latt

Writer: David Michael Latt

Stars: Kim Little, Wil Wheaton and Alley Mills


Jane White Is Sick & Twisted (2001) by m0vietrailerpark

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