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Jack Absalom - Journey to Lilliput

Jack Absalom - Journey to Lilliput

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Documentary (2008) 49 minutes ~ Color

Essentially this program is all about safe caravanning and an extraordinary journey into a fascinating part of outback Australia.This journey takes us from Broken Hill in far western New South Wales through South Australia's wheat belt on to Port Pirie and Port Augusta, across the Eyre Peninsula towards Ceduna. We will meet farmers, miners and fishermen. Bet you didn't know that the best bait to catch King George Whiting is a mollusc called a razor fish. Bet you also didn't know that Dutch explorers mapped this coastline in 1627 and they were going to settle there some 70 years before The First Fleet ever left England. The novelist Jonathon Swift, who wrote Gulliver's Travels, used these early explorers' maps to create the setting for his story. Hence the area being known as "Lilliput", after the tiny Lilliputians who captured Gulliver.

Stars: Jack Absalom


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