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International Crime

International Crime

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Action / Drama (1938) 62 minutes ~ Color

What evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow knows! Thus would begin The Shadow radio program from the 1930s, a superhero character that would become an American franchise with films, comic books, comic strips, and pulp magazines. International Crime is an adventure with seemingly ordinary criminologist Lamont Cranston who becomes The Shadow to fight crime. Faithful to the source material, all the original characters from the radio program to appear in this enjoyable film adaptation. With criminal syndicates headed by evil masterminds around every corner, International Crime is a thrilling encounter with The Shadow showing off his superior crime fighting abilities at every turn.

Director: Charles Lamont

Writers: Theodore S. Tinsley (story), Jack Natteford (screenplay), John W. Krafft (additional dialogue)

Stars: Rod La Rocque, Astrid Allwyn, Thomas E. Jackson


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