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Insignificant Other

Insignificant Other

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Thriller (2002) 93 minutes ~ Color

'Insignificant Other', a Hitchcockian version of Sex and the City, follows the intersecting lives of two couples having extramarital affairs, who live lives of paranoia, wondering if their significant other has found out. It is a dark comedy that challenges the traditional ideas of marriage and questions the societal values of money and sex. Sarah, an unfulfilled, calculating wife, takes pleasure in having her voyeuristic lover watch her on video cameras that she has hidden inside the vents of her house. Her lover, a psychiatrist twice her age, becomes twisted in Sarah's sordid plot to kill her husband for his large inheritance. The plan slowly unravels when Sarah and her lover suspect that her husband has found out.

Director: Sean Corrigan

Writer: Sean Corrigan

Stars: Laura Clifton, Brandon Howe and Jessica Schwartz


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