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Action / Thriller (2009) 98 minutes ~ Color

Based on a true incident, Innocent, also known as Helix, is the compelling tale of five disparate lives that become inextricably entangled one cold Chicago morning. Told in real-time, Helix is America's first action crime drama ever to be shoot in one continuous take without any edits. Ashley, a beautiful young woman is abducted by two desperate urban youths. A street dweller, witnessing the dramatic events, is torn between becoming involved and remaining silent. Completing the cast of characters is a corrupt cop who too late realizes the devastating implications of his self-serving motives. The non-stop thriller, designed to be both gripping and thought-provoking, taps the themes of individual choice, courage, survival, loss of innocence and redemption.

Director: Aram Rappaport

Writers: Aram Rappaport

Stars: Alexa PenaVega, Austin O'Brien, Carlo Lorenzo Garcia


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