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In Focus: The Hollywood Lens Of Murray Garrett

In Focus: The Hollywood Lens Of Murray Garrett

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Documentary (2009) 90 minutes ~ Color

In Focus: The Hollywood Lens of Murray Garrett features the life and works of this amazing photojournalist.

In 1946, Murray Garrett arrived in Hollywood where he went to work as personal and professional photographer to Frank Sinatra, Bob Hope, Elsa Lanchester, Charles Laughton, Red Skelton, Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton and many, many others. The path of Garrett's life in Hollywood had been drawn. He was destined to capture images that stand today as an aide memoir to the golden age of the entertainment industry. His body of work, now housed at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is preserved in the best selling photo collections 'Hollywood Candid' and 'Hollywood Moments'.

Enjoy memories of Murray from the the likes of Phyllis Diller, Dick Martin, Johnny Grant, A.C. Lyles, Terry Moore and Beverly Garland as well as Journalists Bob Thomas, Charles Champlin and Norman Corwin emphasize the power and importance of Garrett's work. What Jack Warner and Louis B. Mayer did for the public image of such stars as Bette Davis and Joan Crawford - Murray Garrett did for the public image of an industry known as Hollywood.

Director: Bill Humphreys

Writers: Brad Branch, Bill Humphreys


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