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Comedy (2009) 94 minutes ~ Color

Gary just wants a date. But his confidence has taken a hit after three straight years of rejection. Now he sets his sights on Lindsay. Will she finally break his streak and give him a chance, or will she be one more name to add to his list of rejections? With help from his friends Eric and Roach, he intends to find out.

Sam just wants an adult relationship. But Keith, her boyfriend of two years, is a little slow on the uptake. Should Sam move on and subject herself to an onslaught of idiot men in search of a better fit, or is it just safer to 'settle' and stay with Keith?

You think war is hell? Try dating.

Director: Chad Martin

Writer: Chad Martin

Stars: Eric Lee, Sasha Andreev, Emily Fradenburgh, Justen Overlander


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