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Hurricane Strip

Hurricane Strip

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Documentary (2007) 65 minutes ~ Color

"Hurricane Strip" is a provocative docudrama detailing the life-changing effects of Hurricane Katrina. This film centers on the little talked-about lives of Bourbon Street strippers.

When a prim and proper 21-year-old law student suddenly loses everything in Hurricane Katrina, she turns to the last job she ever pictured herself doing - dancing nude on New Orleans' legendary Bourbon Street. But the more she dances, the more she gets caught up in the lifestyle, the late nights, and the lure of easy money. Now the question is, when you lose everything, will your life ever be the same again?

Directors: Brian Daniel Boyd, Michael J. Butler

Stars: Nichol Devereaux, Mindy Lovelace, Amy St. Germaine and the people of New Orleans


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