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Hottest Moments Ever

Hottest Moments Ever

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Adult (2008) 54 minutes ~ Color

You asked for the hottest moments, and now you're gonna get just that. From the sexiest girls to the hottest scenes, this show is loaded with only the best. It's Girls Gone Wild Hottest Moments Ever!

We've packed this show with 4 hot blondes and 1 dirty one! Let's start off with a petite blonde, whose hot moment is recorded just outside of a club. Main highlight, what a great ass! Next one is a voluptuous little blonde, who decides to christen every part of her Spring Break hotel room. Main highlight, what a nice rack! Our next blonde shows off her designer bra, as well as what's underneath it! Main highlight, what a package! Next up is probably the dirtiest of all the blondes. This one gets a little too kinky with her newest toy, and shows the audience what it takes to get her wet. Main highlight, the things she does with that toy! Last but not least is yet another gorgeous blonde who gets a little too comfortable in the hotel shower. Here's to another one that loves to get wet. Main highlight, what a body!

It's real! It's raw! It's the Hottest Moments Ever, brought to you by Girls Gone Wild!