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Hottest Girl In America

Hottest Girl In America

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Adult (2008) 64 minutes ~ Color

Girls Gone Wild is all over the map - searching the beaches, schools, and clubs for the Hottest Girl in America. Up in Michigan, the contest could be over before it even begins with Ajila, a super-hot blonde with the best pair of 18-year-old tits we've ever seen. She likes it hard - hair pulling, scratching and spanking. Then we roll down to Texas and hook up with GGW magazine cover girl Lauren. You won't believe what she does with a string of beads. It doesn't take Stephanie very long to strip down and show off her tight body and perky titties. Then she bends over and shows us how she likes to be spanked. Honorable mention must go to the virgin who gets down with her hot friend. She may not go all the way but she sure knows how to put a toy to use. America is full of hot young girls and our cameras are there to catch them all, completely naked and completely uncensored. It's Girls Gone Wild: Hottest Girl In America!