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Hottest Girl In America 3

Hottest Girl In America 3

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Adult (2010) 75 minutes ~ Color

The search continues across America for the hands-down hottest girl in the country. As the competition heats up, these girls will do ANYTHING to be crowned the Hottest Girl in America. Down on South Padre Island, we met Brittany. This hot, young bad girl got kicked out of the club for flashing, but we wee happy to bring her aboard the GGW bus where there are no rules! In Lake Havasu, we found the dirtiest-talking girl we've ever caught on tape. Watch as she mounts a giant cactus toy! Back in Hollywood, Paris Hilton's BFF Corrie Loftin shows off a lot more than you saw on MTV! Finally, watch Girls Gone Wild Magazine cover girls Lena and Georgia go at it in every corner of their swanky apartment - the balcony, the shower and finally a mind-blowing oral session in the king-size bed. We may be closing in on the Hottest Girl in America! It's Girls Gone Wild: Hottest Girl in America 3 - Completely naked and completely uncensored!