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Hottest Girl In America 2

Hottest Girl In America 2

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Adult (2009) 72 minutes ~ Color

The competition is getting fierce and sexy young girls are going all-out to be picked as the Hottest Girl in America. Hit the road with a pair of Girls Gone Wild Magazine cover models as they uncover the sexiest girls and the hottest naked action. When it comes to hot, there's nowhere better than Vegas. Join Meggan for a naked taxi ride down to the Vegas Strip you'll never forget. She gets herself off in every position! It's amazing the driver could stay on the road. Down in Florida, Brandy gets wet playing with her amazing Double D's. Luckily, she keeps her favorite sex toy in her car. She gets warmed up behind the wheel before climbing in the back for a mind blowing climax. There are lots of hot girls in Texas, but Marika may be the hottest of them all. Blonde, tanned and shaved, your jaw will drop when you see her unbelievable body. Especially when her friend climbs aboard the GGW bus for a girl-on-girl grand finale! Which one is the Hottest Girl In America? You decide. It's Girls Gone Wild: Hottest Girl In America 2 - Completely naked and completely uncensored!