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Hollywood Love

Hollywood Love

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Comedy / Short (1998) 28 minutes ~ Color

HOLLYWOOD LOVE is a movie farce about modern love in show biz when the females find their power, a comedy of dominance and submission, and the duet dance of perpetrator and victim that usually makes both partners losers, sometimes winners, always ridiculous.

This is shocking comedy about socially relevant issues to stimulate audiences, comedy that is physical without becoming stupid, farce that is ribald without becoming pornographic. HOLLYWOOD LOVE presents a hyper modern version of the battles of sex and the sexes, influenced by feminism and the sexual revolution and gender-bending.

In the story, an innocent young man from the hills brings his guitar to Hollywood, hoping to break into show business, but meets his love match in the confused, mercurial Lana Lovely, and more than his match in their boss, Ms. Pringle, dominant director of music videos and sexual desires.

Director: Alan Gorg

Writer: Alan Gorg

Stars: David Carr, Aileen Anthony and Ken Belsky


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