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Here's Looking At You Kid

Here's Looking At You Kid

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Short Films (2002) 30 minutes ~ Color


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"Oh I'm SO hungry! Please feed me some grass!" a drooling cow says to your child. Within seconds, the cow's entire nose fills the TV screen as she "eats" right out of the palm of your child's hand.

In the entertaining and educational new children's video, Here's Looking At You, Kid!, real animals get up close and personal as never before. Gorillas talk to you. Elephants sing to you. Dogs sniff you. In this first-of-its-kind production, there's even a chance to "feed" hungry animals.

It's almost as if all these animals are right there in your living room, only you don't have to clean up after them!

Here's Looking at You, Kid! is hosted by Joe the Dog (whose voice is played by Ed Asner), an Airedale, who has a busy day visiting dozens of animals as he ventures from the jungle, to the farm, to a huge dog park where all his pooch pals run free.

Children, ages 2 and up are sure to enjoy this fun-filled 30-minute video that allows them to interact with some of the world's friendliest critters.

With lively music, and a wild and wonderful cast of characters, Here's Looking at You, Kid! is bound to become your child's favorite creature feature.

<font color=red>***2002 National Parenting Publication Gold Award Winner***

"Sure to be appreciated by kids (of all ages)...Highly recommended." -- Video Librarian Magazine</font>

Directors: Maria Goodavage, Craig Harsa

Writer: Maria Goodavage

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