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Hercules And The Masked Rider

Hercules And The Masked Rider

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Action (1963) 86 minutes ~ (Color)

Original Title: Golia e il cavaliere mascherato

In 16th century Spain, Don Francisco reluctantly betroths his daughter, Blanca, to the arrogant Don Ramiro in order to preserve the lands in the Family estate. Then Don Juan, Don Francisco's nephew and Blanca's true love, returns from the war in Flanders. Don Juan dons a mask and joins with a gypsy band led by Estella to fight against the forces of Don Ramiro. In this effort he's aided by a bare-chested muscleman and also by Captain Blasco who works for Don Ramiro but whose sympathies lie elsewhere.

Director: Piero Pierotti

Writers: Arpad DeRiso (screenplay), Luciano Martino, Ernesto Gastaldi and Piero Pierotti

Stars: Sergio Ciani, Mimmo Palmara, Pilar Cansino, Arturo Dominici


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