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Hercules Against The Moon Men

Hercules Against The Moon Men

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Action (1964) 84 minutes ~ Color

Original Title: Maciste e la regina di Samar

It’s time once again, for Hercules to save the world-only it isn’t Hercules; it’s his fellow muscleman, Maciste (Alan Steel). In Hercules against the Moon Men, a race of vicious aliens from our silvery satellite, land on Earth and begin sacrificing the innocent children of Samar. They revive the mummified Queen Agar (Jany Clair), who makes a pact with the evil E.T.’s, to take over the whole world. (How you gonna keep them down on Samar, after they’ve seen Paree?) To the aid of the good citizens of Samar comes the mighty Maciste.

The character Maciste (who made his film debut back in 1914, in Cabria), wasn’t as widely known as Herc, but with the Hercules craze in full swing, any peblum character (“peblum” being the name for these sword and sandal films), whether Samson, Urus, Goliath, or Maciste, became Hercules when it came time to dub the film English

Well what’s in a name? (“Maciste,” by the way, means “macho man” or “male chauvinist” in French) Hercules against the Moon Men has musclemen, aliens, a giant, a sandstorm, and a wicked queen, all wrapped in a typically Action-packed Adventure.

Director: Giacomo Gentilomo

Writers: Arpad DeRiso (screenplay and story), Giacomo Gentilomo (story), Angelo Sangermano (story) and Nino Scolaro (screenplay and story)

Stars: Sergio Ciani, Jany Clair and Anna Maria Polani


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