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Western / Action (1937) 59 minutes ~ Black & White

Original Title: Born to the West

A couple of drifters, Dare Rudd (John Wayne), and Dinkie Hooley (Sid Saylor), arrive in a Wyoming town hoping for a handout from Dare’s rancher cousin, Tom Fillmore (Johnny Mack Brown). Dare, takes but one look at Tom’s girlfriend, Judy Worstall (Marsha Hunt), and decides to stay in town. He obtains the job of chuck wagon cook, but Judy, who is falling for the charming newcomer, convinces Tom to give Dare a job with more responsibilities. To get rid of a potential rival and to prove Dare’s irresponsibility, once and for all, Tom assigns his cousin the job of selling the herd. Unbeknownst to either Tom or Dare, however, saloon owner Bart Hammond (Monte Blue), also has his greedy eye on the herd, and sets a trap for Dare.

Director: Charles Barton

Writers: Stuart Anthony (screenplay), Robert Yost (screenplay), Zane Grey (novel) and Jack Natteford (additional dialogue)

Stars: John Wayne, Marsha Hunt and Johnny Mack Brown


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