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Gunman Under The Sun (aka Pelicula)

Gunman Under The Sun (aka Pelicula)

Ref: 1769

Price: $4.98 / 3.59


Western / Action / Drama (1974) 92 minutes ~ Color

Alternate Title: Pistoleros bajo el sol

In a town without law, only a man of innate courage can bring back peace and freedom to its terrorized citizens: Tony Landon (Fernando Almada). After the death of his brother by a band of outlaws, Tony returns to find his brother’s killer and avenge his death. While on this grave mission he finds Mrs. Larsen (Sasha Montenegro), his only ray of sunshine as he approaches the door to hell!

Director: Rubén Galindo

Writer: Alfonso de Alva

Stars: Fernando Almada, Marco Antonio Campos and Mario Cid


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